Friday, February 15, 2013

FAQ [English]

What is MegaUploader?
MegaUploader [click here to download it] is an upload client for MEGA.CO.NZ

Is it an official app?
It is a standalone unofficial application. It's free and there is no charge for using it or download it.

Is there an app for downloading?
Yes, it's called MegaDownloader!

Why MegaUploader?
  • Fast: You can upload multiple files simultaneously, squeezing the bandwidth.
  • Lightweight: Takes up less than 2MB and consumes little resources. It requires no installation, is a single exe. It doesn't create  giant temporary files. Just uses a small buffer in memory.
  • Secure: No ads, banners, or anything. It doesn't collect information from user. Only connects to MEGA.CO.NZ to upload the files, and periodically checks for updates. Nothing else. And sensitive internal information is stored locally encrypted using DPAPI and AES.
  • Simple: Its interface is simple to use: add links and start uploading. That's all!
  • Complete: It allows pausing, stopping and resuming file uploading . It enqueues files, grouping them by packages, can limit the upload speed, is multilingual, can be configured to automatically start or shut down the PC when finish, can reconnect in case of error, etc.

What requirements does it have?
You must use Windows XP SP3 or higher (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc) and have installed .NET 4.0 or higher.
It also works on Mac with Parallels, considering that you install .NET 4.0 or higher.

How does it decrypt files?
The decryption is made on the fly, while uploading, so no extra resources are used (RAM or disk).

How do I start uploading?
First you must start the program and wait for it to load.
Then you have to add the files you want to upload.
You can click on the "Add files" button, and add them.
Once in the queue, you might check the status:
- Stopped: Connections are closed and upload is stopped.
- Uploading: The queue items are being uploaded in order.
- Paused: The connections are open but the files are not being uploaded. When it returns to the state 'Uploading' it will immediately startuploading .

How do I configure the program? There are many options!
You can use the default settings, specifying only the user and password of your Mega account.

How I can see the  remaining time?
By default, some columns are not shown. Right click on the column header of the list of files, select the columns to show or hide.

I can not change the size of the name column!
This column is automatically resized by the size of other columns. Therefore you should modify the other columns to resize the name column. This is done to avoid horizontal scrolling.

What is a Pre-Shared Key?
Pre-Shared Keys are used to upload specifying the cipher password.
Normally a 24 bytes random password is generated using a criptographic pseudo-random number generator, but it is possible to specify the password.
With that password (called Pre-Shared Key) you can download the file without knowing the private key, just with the file ID (you need MegaDownloader).
It is recommended not to use Pre-Shared Keys (random passwords are more secure) but the option is there if you want to use it.
You can read more in the article  Pre-Shared Keys and Key Watermarks.

What is a Key Watermark?
Key Watermarks let you customize the final key that will appear in the MEGA link.
You can read more in the article  Pre-Shared Keys and Key Watermarks.

The upload speed is not good, what can I do? 
Try changing the Package size. Go to "Configuration" / "Advanced" tab/ change the value "Package size". By default it is 8 KB, you can try to increase it to 16, 32, 64 or any value you want.
This value represents the amount of data that will be transfered at once. It should not be too large or MegaUploader refresh won't be optimal. But a small value can make you don't upload at maximum speed. Normally for a 5Mbps upload connection you can use 32-48 KB. Most of the ADSL connections have a smaller upload speed, so the default value is 8KB.

I have changed the Package Size and the speed is still not good!
When uploading a file to MEGA, an upload URL is provided. MegaUploader transfers the data to that URL by a POST HTTP connection. If the server that receives the data is saturated, maybe the upload speed will be low and you can't do anything to prevent it.
In this case, you can try to cancel the upload and retry again - with some luck MEGA will assign you another server and the speed will be good!

I don't want that "Upload to MEGA" link that appears when right clicking on a file or directory!
Go to "Configuration" and uncheck the option "Create context menu". Save the configuration. The link should disappear.

The link "Upload to MEGA" does not appear, and I have checked I have the "Create context menu" configuration activated.
For creating the menu, MegaUploader has to access Windows registry at least once to add some keys. If you execute MegaUploader without permissions, maybe it won't have access. You have to execute it as administrator at least once, so it can add the keys to the registry.

How I can translate the application into another language?
A more complete tutorial will be made soon.
Basically you have to create a new file in the internal configuration path, under the Language directory, copying another file (it is recommended to use as a basis en-US.xml). You have to put the language code in the format ISO 639 + ISO 3166. Then you have to edit the XML and change, first, the code and name of the language, then the translation (keeping the 'id' attribute of each node). Ready!
Next time you start the program, you will be able to change the language from the configuration screen (if the language code is correct and exists).

Hmmm the English/French/Any language translation is not good...
English is not my first tongue so any correction is welcome! Please contact me if you want to contribute translating MegaUploader ;)

Can I upload anonymously? MEGA allows it!
For the moment it is not implemented.
Which license does MegaUploader use?
The usage license is free, the program is provided "as is", there is no warranty or condition of any kind (express or implied).
Modification is not allowed. Its usage with profit purposes is not allowed. You can redistribute it freely, but only under the condition of not modifying it, and maintaining all its information (authors, acknowledgments, etc.).
It is not allowed to redistribute it supplanting the authorship or removing information from the authors.
If you do not agree to this license, do not use the program.
This is a short summary, the program comes with a full license, please check it before use.

I love the app! How I can thank you?
Any comments are welcome (you can find my contact in the program under "Help / About"). Constructive criticism if welcome too (but not destructive). If you like to see a new feature implemented, tell me and see if I can develop it.
And you are more than welcome to make a donation using PayPal ;)


  1. Is there a way to implement some upload features in your app?

    Mega has an option to upload files without an account throght API

    Importing files from an account to another throught API

    And is there a way to generate direct links from MEGA links?
    I wold link to remote upload files from MEGA to another hosts
    I've found this site, you can stream files generating a direct link, but this PHP function renames the files to "video.mp4" Link)


    Check this sites:

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hello, your uploader has three positives in virustotal. I´m sure those are false alerts, but i´d like to know whats behind it.

  4. cant upload with utf8 filename

  5. I'm uploading a folder, and inside it there are many subfolders. It seems that the folders aren't being uploaded just the files inside it.

    Don't you have this feature?

    1. Hi, currently all files are uploaded to the same folder, I am working in this feature for a future version!

  6. I wanna help translating into Portguese...How can I do the Translation??

    1. Copy file "en-US.xml" with other name (for example "por-POR.xml") and edit it manually. I translate to Russian just like this

  7. Hello.First Thank you very much for making awesome application!
    By the way,I found serious bug that whever I tried to upload any files which name contains Non Unicode characters(japanese or korean),It appears "???trunc???d.???" on my chrome or firefox browser.
    Would you correct this bug in the next update which can not supports Non-Unicode characters?

  8. Same problem (and many other!) with Russian symbols. I don't know why author this cool utilities do not fix this small problem (add unicode support)

  9. Also same problems with other symbols, for example "+" and other "normal" symbols

  10. It does not work anymore. After you finished to upload, you can see this error message on your cloud, instead of the file you uploaded.
    And when you try to click on the file with the right mouse button to make an upload through MegaUploader, the uploade can start but if it the file is heavy, at some point it failed on the upload.
    And when you try to upload files one by one, instead that one window will open and all the uploades will be added to him, it Opens many windows of the software

  11. [Bug] I start using the app today and i see an problem while i add my account password and save, he (the program) replaces ***** on the password text before saving, bugging the upload. I'm using the version 1.1