Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bugs in MegaUploader

I am receiving many comments and mails about some issues in MegaUploader:

Error uploading files
If you get an error saying "MEGA could not generate a File ID, it is necessary to restart the upload", then you have to "Restart the upload" and then click on "Restart". This is a bug in MEGA that is ocurring too often in the last days (MEGA, please fix it!!!). There is nothing we can do, except retrying to upload the file :(

All files go to the root
If you upload a folder, all files will go to the root, instead of maintain the folder structure. This is not implemented yet, but will be in the future.

If you upload a file with "strange" characters (diacritics, etc) you may see this inside MEGA.
You can rename the file again, but it's very annoying.
I am developing a new version that fixes it, if you want to try, download it here: MegaUploader DEV VERSION 0.8