Thursday, December 11, 2014

QUICKFIX - New version 0.9 to correct bug

MEGA is doing some changes in their SSL certificates. It seems that they are quitting SSL3 because of the POODLE bugs, so it causes problems with MegaUplaoder 0.7/0.8

I am releasing version 0.9 in order to correct it.

If you want to try it, please download it here. If nobody reports connection problems, I will put it in the download page.

Thanks for your patience.


  1. When I try to add over 20k files it took like 4hours to load the list

  2. Thank you so much. Been waiting for this update for so long. cheers and have a nice day!

  3. I've a problem: upload stuck after 128 Kb have been uploaded. It does not happens every time but randomly.
    I also had this problem with older versions, do you have an email to let me get in contact with you?

  4. The software crash when I try to upload a file that doesn't have any extention. Example, if I was to upload the file named "something.jpg" but I had renamed the file to "something" without the ".jpg", the software crash. Can you fix this?


  5. Quan descarrego les respectives noves versions del MegaUploader i el MegaDownloader s'instalen però no s'actualitzen. He probat de desinstalar-los i instalar les noves versions però tampoc serveix. Sempre se'm queda la versió 0.7 Beta del MegaUploader.

  6. the app failed to upload files at all, i dont know whats wrong

  7. this program has a bad upload speed, browser its more better and i have better speeds why?

    1. It depends on the server that mega assigns you... if you try uploading via web maybe you will be assigned a better server.
      Sometimes it is faster, sometimes it is slower... but normally it is faster because the app is more efficient in ciphering and uploading the file :)

  8. What it is and how to fix?
    I uploaded 40Gb file on mega, but finally got this message (LOG)

    * Error type: An error occurred while trying to upload the file: The file could not be transfered to server.
    * Internal info: MEGA could not generate a File ID, it is necessary to restart the upload.

    Megauploader 1.1

  9. Would you make this functions?
    1) Cyrillic support (It's problem with upload filenames with Cyrillic letters)
    2) Upload folder and sub-folders as is on hard disk (All files from all subfolders mix in one folder now. It's wrong)

  10. Upload failed.
    * File path: D:\Downloads\Downloads.rar
    * Error type: An error occurred while trying to upload the file: The file could not be transfered to server.
    * Internal info: Error getting root node: DLL could not be loaded: System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a

    how to fix this?

  11. andres no me deja bajar la versión portable, el chrome me detecta como virus tanto la web como una vez descargado el fichero. Por qué es así? se que no tiene virus pero estate atento a eso.

  12. MEGAUploader 2.0 (UNOFFICIAL)

    Hola, siempre uso el programa y tome el codigo y les hice un par de pequeñas modificaciones de aspecto y en el tema de entrega de links. ( antes y ahora (.nz), es una buena alternativa para mi por que MEGASync siempre me funciona mal, y este programa me salva la vida muchas veces, espero no moleste la modificación.

    Un fan, saludos!

  13. Hola bro siempre uso tu programa es mas gracias a el subo a mega o no lo haria jaja pero hace un par de semanas me esta dando este error

    Details: ERATELIMIT - You have exceeded your command weight per time quota. Please wait a few seconds, then try again [-4].

    Pongo a subir 20 archivos y 10 dan errores, tengo q estar todo el tiempo reiniciando la subida, y otra vez mitad bien mitad error, y asi :( alguna idea de como repararlo?

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