Sunday, March 31, 2013

Link protection and stop/resume uploads coming soon!

MegaDownloader 0.7 is under development, with two interesting features:
  1. Link protection, using ELC (Encrypted Link Container):
    This method will protect links (people will be able to download files but won't be able to see the original MEGA link) and will offer copy protection: only people from the community will be able to download the files, so you will be able to avoid people "stealing" your links.
    For more info (and some examples), read here: "Understanding mega:// links".
  2. Stop/resume uploads:
    Many people asked for it. Finally, version 0.7 will offer this interesting feature.
    Please take into account that it is new so if you find any problem, report it inmediately!
Do you want to test it?

If so, please take into account that it is still under development, so please report any problem encountered!
Download MegaUploader 0.7 Release Candidate

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